To become more skilled, you need to know how to engage in deliberate practice, and you need to know the skills to practice. The following books are very clinical, filled with practical suggestions, and each will help you become more skilled and effective.

Tony Rousmaniere
Deliberate Practice in Psychotherapy

Patricia Coughlin
Maximizing Effectiveness in Psychotherapy

Jon Frederickson
Co-Creating Change: effective dynamic therapy techniques

Patricia Coughlin
Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Jon Frederickson
The Lies We Tell Ourselves – English
Also available in Polish, Danish (paperback and ebook), and Farsi

Allan Abbass
Reaching through Resistance

Prescott, David S [Ed]; Maeschalck, Cynthia L [Ed]; Miller, Scott D [Ed]
Feedback-informed treatment in clinical practice: Reaching for excellence
including chapter by Daryl Chow, The practice and the practical: Pushing your clinical performance to the next level, pp 323-355

T. Rousmaniere, R. K. Goodyear, S. D. Miller, & B. Wampold (Eds.)
The Cycle of Excellence: Using Deliberate Practice in Supervision, Training, and Independent Practice
including chapter by Miller, S. D., Hubble, M., & Chow, D. Professional development: An Oxymoron?

Mastering the Inner SkillsMastering the Inner Skills of Psychotherapy: A Deliberate Practice Manual by Tony Rousmaniere PsyD
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