Deliberate Practice Seminars

Tony Rousmaniere, Psy.D. is a leading researcher in how to improve deliberate practice of specific skills. He regularly offers live and online seminars where therapists of any level can present cases and learn what skills to practice in order to increase their skills. For more information on upcoming seminars, click on

Jon Frederickson, MSW offers skill building exercises designed to teach specific clinical skills within a structured psychotherapy training program. Jon teaches by showing videotapes of his own work, then he has all the students do specific skill building exercises for each module designed to learn skills matched to the theory being taught. Then all the students present cases for supervision which they have videotaped. In this way, we can study the cases to see what works in the moment and what doesn’t, learning how to assess our interventions moment by moment, so we can keep refining our work.

In a recent research study, a group of drug counselors taught by Jon saw their dropout rate drop nearly 50% within ten weeks. New classes start each fall and are held in Washington, D.C. For more information, contact Jon at