Audios and seminars


Package one: 18 Skills to Build an Alliance

In this practice-oriented course, you are the therapist asking me scripted questions, and I am your ‘patient’, responding with defenses. You will intervene. Then I will give you a recommended answer and offer some teaching and supervision along the way, reinforcing the intervention technique and theoretical framework.
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Package two: Overcoming Resistance

Ever feel like you’re working too hard with a client and getting nowhere? You don’t need to let your client’s defenses block progress. This audio course teaches you how to quickly identify and address subtle resistances used by highly resistant patients. If you have tried to explore feelings with patients and got nowhere, these studies will show you what to do.
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Package three: Skills for Working with Fragile Patients

Do your clients get flooded with anxiety? Do your clients sometimes confuse you with their projections? Do you have clients whose denial prevents them from forming a productive therapeutic alliance? Then these skill-building exercises are for you.
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Package four: Comprehensive Skill Building for Working with Highly Resistant Patients

Do you have patients where you get stuck? This audio course will teach you how to quickly identify and address subtle defenses used by highly resistant patients.
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Seminars from Tony Rousmaniere and Jon Frederickson.
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