18 Skills to Build an Alliance

A skill-building audio course


Ever feel like you’re working too hard with a client and getting nowhere? You don’t need to let your client’s defenses block progress.

For the first time ever, we’re making this collection of 18 skill-building psychotherapy audio studies public. Previously available only via multi-year training programs, this audio course teaches you how to quickly identify and address defenses that can prevent a therapeutic alliance from forming.

How It Works

In this practice-oriented course, you are the therapist asking me scripted questions, and I am your ‘patient’, responding with defenses. You will intervene. Then I will give you a recommended answer and offer some teaching and supervision along the way, reinforcing the intervention technique and theoretical framework.

As we explore numerous examples of each defense, you’ll have ample practice time to more efficiently recognize defenses and intervene immediately. You’ll rapidly improve your assessment and intervention skills and learn to handle problems easily that would have stumped you in the past.

Defenses You’ll Learn How to Navigate

Rejecting collaborative problem-solving

  • Non-problems
  • Diversification
  • Vagueness
  • Rationalization
  • Intellectualization
  • Projection of awareness of a problem onto others
  • Projection of awareness of a problem onto the therapist


  • Identifying the pathways of anxiety discharge
  • Offering cognitive summaries to regulate anxiety
  • Helping patients see and let go of defenses that prevent anxiety regulation
  • Blocking these defenses and inviting anxiety regulation
  • Regulating anxiety that is over the threshold for anxiety tolerance

Resisting the therapeutic task

  • Deactivating the projection of will onto others
  • Deactivating the projection of will onto the therapist
  • Deactivating projection and splitting

Resisting specificity

  • Generalization
  • Projection
  • Vagueness
  • Diversification
  • Denial


  • Identify and address defenses immediately and effectively
  • Learn from 18+ studies
  • Gain proficiency at establishing a therapeutic alliance
  • Get moment-by-moment analysis and coaching
  • Practice at home or on your commute
  • Thousands of hours of experience distilled
  • Learn eighteen techniques so well they are automatic


Cost: $97
Format: 18 mp3 files plus one handbook of skill-building exercises (downloaded as one zip file)