Video 1: The patient who had “no problem”

Instructional Video Bundle


Have you ever worked with a client who claimed he had no problem, needed no help, and was there only because he was referred? Have you ever wondered how to work with denial and projection in a treatment resistant patient? This DVD package will show you two initial sessions where a treatment resistant patient lets go of his denial and projection, joining the therapist in a collaborative therapeutic alliance.


This DVD package of the first two sessions of treatment will show you how to:

  • Deactivate projection and denial
  • Develop consensus on the problem
  • Develop consensus on the therapeutic task
  • Help the patient let go of destructive defenses
  • Convert a treatment resistant patient into a collaborator

These DVDs will show you what to do and what to say. The CD contains a complete analyzed transcript showing you how to assess the client’s responses to offer interventions precisely targeted to his need. This is real therapy with a real client showing real results. Includes:

  • Subtitled 3-hour initial session video recording
  • Subtitled 1-hour second session video recording
  • CD with complete transcript and line-by-line in-depth analysis of patient responses and therapist assessment

Subject Matter

These videos show the first two sessions with a recovering drug addict. He maintained initially that he had no problem, was there only because other people thought he should be there, and thought everything in his life was “fine.” The videos show moment by moment how to address the defenses that otherwise would prevent any treatment relationship from developing. $150 for the entire set.

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