Video 3: The patient who relates to his projections, not to the therapist


In this first ever psychotherapy video bundle to focus on projection, therapists will sit in on treatment and learn moment-by-moment how to overcome projection. Includes:

  • Subtitled 2-hour initial session video recording
  • Teaching video on projection
  • CD with complete transcript and line-by-line in-depth analysis of patient responses and therapist assessment

Subject Matter

This is an initial session with a recovering drug addict. The patient has a criminal history, was formerly homeless and was on anti-psychotic medication at the time of the interview.


Through the course of the interview, you will learn how to:

  • Identify projections
  • Restructure projections
  • Increase the patient’s reality testing
  • Develop an internal focus with a patient who has an external focus.

The case will illustrate the use of cognitive and experiential restructuring of projection so the patient can have a therapeutic alliance with the therapist rather than a misalliance with a projection. $150 for the entire set.

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